2016 EMUFT Election Information

EMUFT's Annual Membership Convention will be held on Friday, March 11. Polls will be open from 9am - 6pm in 202 Pray-Harrold. The agenda for this poll includes the election vote for the Union Council Officers, and ratification votes for the 2016-2017 EMUFT Budget and an Amendment to our constitution.

Winter '16 Events and Information

  • Represent EMUFT and Support fellow members at the Regent’s Meeting Feb 5: members will address the Board regarding the PTL pay schedule at 1:30 in the Welch Hall Board Meeting room.
  • Participate in a special No Pay Day Event February 11: PTL Pay Valentines for EMU 

Are You a Member of EMUFT?

Every EMU lecturer is a part of EMUFT as a fair-share payer. But if you have not signed your membership card, please do so today! Membership has its benefits:

Support EMUFT in the face of Right to Work: your 0.3% additional dues will help to solidify our economic base to keep us strong and able to pay expenses including grievance/arbitration fees, staffing, office expenses, and additional resources. Become a member to vote for officers, approve the budget, and participate in bargaining.


Health Care Counts - Get Covered!

EMUFT LEAD Organizing Fellows - Call for Applications

EMU Federation of Teachers (AFT Local #9102) is announcing openings in our EMUFT LEAD Organizing Fellows Program. This fourteen week fellowship program is designed to develop fellows’ skills in organizing union members, as well as provide experience with designing and implementing union campaigns to achieve membership growth. Fellows will learn about the daily work of labor unions and will increase their own capacity to be active members and leaders in the labor community.