EMU Federation of Teachers Local 9102


EMUFT is local 9102 of the American Federation of Teachers. We are over 100 full-time lecturers and library staff, over 600 part-time lecturers, and together we are half of the teaching faculty at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. EMUFT is a member-driven organization. As members of EMUFT we can improve the conditions for teaching at EMU and create better educational spaces for our students. The more who are involved, the more we can do to improve teaching and learning.

Bargaining Rally and Bargaining Session Mon. and Tue. 5/15 & 5/16

Bargaining Rally Mon., 5/15! Meet at the Cesar Chavez Fountain outside of Welch Hall at 4:00 PM.  Join the event on Facebook!

Our next bargaining session is scheduled from 4:00-9:00PM on Tuesday May, 16th in McKenny Hall. We plan to pass many of our articles, including our response to appointments and compensation articles and we encourage you to come observe!

Bargaining Update: Admin proposal still offers 25% Pay Cut

The administration passed another compensation article that still contains the same 25% pay cut for new lecturers, and offers no job security for any PTLs. This would incentivize Department Heads to hire new lecturers over our current PTLs. Specific details about this offer can be found at the end of this email.

Details of the administrations compensation proposal:

  • 25% pay cut for new lecturers
  • Reduces the percentage of pay for lab/studio teaching to 1/3 of a credit hour
  • Removes Lecturer B
  • NO job security for anyone
  • Compares EMU PTL pay to two community colleges
  • Denies that we have members who also work at the University of Michigan, and is therefore a comparable institution
  • Requires pay to be direct deposit or on a debit card (which would likely have fees)
  • Does nothing to guarantee pay on September 15th and January 15th.

Part-Time Lecturer Distinguished Teaching Awards

EMUFT would like to send overdue CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of this year’s Part-Time Lecturer Distinguished Teaching Awards:    

CAS: Roberta Justice & Malgorzata Mroz

COB: Jane Stephenson

CHHS: Joy Versluis

COE: Susan Santone

COT: Russell Rhoton

And congratulations also to all nominees for recognition of your hard work as teachers at EMU!

Support Fair Pay by Showing up to Demand a Fair Contract:

Ø Wed. April 19, Grade-In: Sit in for Solidarity on the 2nd floor of Welch Hall, 9am-1pm

Ø Fri. April 21, Regents Meeting: Members are encouraged to attend in support of a Fair contract for Lecturers. Meet outside of Welch Hall by the Cesar Chavez statue at 10 am and wear red.

Ø Thursday, April 20, 9am-2pm, Bargaining, 217 Halle

Ø Sat. April 22, Commencement: Members are invited to hand out Fair Contract flyers at graduation. Contact Matt (cooper492@yahoo.com), or Tim (emuftorganizer@gmail.com, (734) 487-5448) to sign up or for more info.