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EMUFT is local 9102 of the American Federation of Teachers. We are over 100 full-time lecturers and library staff, over 600 part-time lecturers, and together we are half of the teaching faculty at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. EMUFT is a member-driven organization. As members of EMUFT we can improve the conditions for teaching at EMU and create better educational spaces for our students. The more who are involved, the more we can do to improve teaching and learning.

Winter '16 Events and Information

  • Represent EMUFT and Support fellow members at the Regent’s Meeting Feb 5: members will address the Board regarding the PTL pay schedule at 1:30 in the Welch Hall Board Meeting room.
  • Participate in a special No Pay Day Event February 11: PTL Pay Valentines for EMU 

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and we would like to share the love! Please come by the EMUFT table on the main floor of the Porter Bldg. on Feb. 11 to sign Valentine Cards for EMU administrators. Stop by the table anytime between 9am and 4pm to sign a card. 

Volunteer to help staff the table on the 11th: contact Matt (cooper492@yahoo.com), Joe, (joemontgomery@gmail.com) or Tim (emuftorganizer@gmail.com, 313-633-4487).

  • Member Meetings week of March 7:

Monday, March 7 from 5:00-6:15pm in College of Business TBA

Tuesday, March 8 from 9:30-10:45am in Pray-Harold TBA

Wednesday, March 9 from 5-6:15  TBA

Thursday, March 10, from 2-3:15 and 5-6:15 Pray-Harrold TBA

Friday, March 11 (9-6) officer elections and budget vote: plan to come vote and sign up to help out!

  • Have you signed your membership card? Every EMU lecturer is a part of EMUFT as a fair-share payer. But if you have not signed your membership card, please do so today! Membership has its benefits. Learn more (see below) and sign the form here: ​http://emuft.mi.aft.org/files/pt_dues_form_1.pdf. You can drop it off at 110 King Hall (call ahead: (734)487-5448) or email it to Tim Allen (EMUFTOrganizer@gmail.com) or EMUFT9102@gmail.com.

We will only grow stronger with input and engagement from all members. In order to make our FTL and PTL contracts stronger and to work toward better conditions for all lecturers on campus, we need your participation. Our workplace is our students' learning space, and we would like EMU to be a great place for both teaching and learning. We hope you can continue to participate in the conversation!

To volunteer to help with any event, or for more info, contact: Tim Allen, EMUFT Staff Organizer, emuftorganizer@gmail.com, 734-487-5448 or 313-633-4487

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Twitter: @emuftunion

EMU Federation of Teachers
Campus Office: 110 King Hall
(734) 487-5448, emuft9102@gmail.com, http://emuft.mi.aft.org/