EMU Federation of Teachers Local 9102


EMUFT is local 9102 of the American Federation of Teachers. We are over 100 full-time lecturers and library staff, over 600 part-time lecturers, and together we are half of the teaching faculty at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. EMUFT is a member-driven organization. As members of EMUFT we can improve the conditions for teaching at EMU and create better educational spaces for our students. The more who are involved, the more we can do to improve teaching and learning.

Welcome to Fall 2015!

Here's What's Happening...

Evaluation and Promotion Workshops for PTLs

EMUFT is offering Evaluation & Promotion Workshops for Part-Time Lecturers in mid-September. Sandy Becker will walk you through what to expect with your evaluation or promotion process as a part-timer, as well as other aspects of the PTL contract. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Workshop dates/times and locations for these one-hour workshops:

Monday, September 14 at 3:45 p.m. in 220 Pray-Harrold
Monday, September 14 at 7 p.m. in 545 Science Complex
Friday, September 18 at 3 p.m. in 220 Pray-Harrold

No Day Sept 15

Stop by the EMUFT table on the main floor of Pray-Harrold and play the Wheel of Misfortune and talk to our newest members, the Sock Puppets about how their semester is going so far.

Pay Day Social Thur Oct 1

Come celebrate the end of September pay day (finally for part-time lecturers!) and socialize with other EMU lecturers. Oct 1, 5-7pm at the Corner Brewery.

Regent’s Meeting Oct 13

Plan to attend the next Board of Regent’s meeting on Tue., Oct 13 in the Welch Hall BOR meeting room to support EMUFT Part-time Lecturers who no longer get paid on the first pay-date of each semester. This is not right, and we’re planning to have a larger voice than we have yet had at the BOR meeting. We need as many members as we can get to show up, wear a red EMUFT t-shirt, and show solidarity for lecturers calling for better working conditions. Our workplace is our students’ learning space. PTLs who can’t afford to pay bills or buy groceries for the month of September may not be feeling great while they’re in the classroom, and this can affect teaching and learning. Please help PTLs to be treated like every other employee group on campus and be paid on time.

Membership Meetings Sept 30 and Oct 1

The fall all-membership meetings are scheduled for Wed. 9/30 from 11am-12pm in Halle Library room 300 and Thur. 10/1 from 3-4pm in Halle Library room 302. You need only come to one meeting to participate. We’ll be discussing any current EMUFT issues, upcoming contract bargaining for the FT and PT contracts, and asking for input and discussion from all members in attendance. The more of us working together the stronger we can be. Please come be a part of your union as we move forward this year.

WeRoc November 15 Community Event

EMUFT is part of WeRoc (the Washtenaw Regional Organizing Coalition) which is working hard on behalf of local educational issues, economic issues for working families, opportunities for people with past jail-time, and the school to prison pipeline. WeRoc will be holding a large community meeting event on Nov. 15 from 3-5 pm at a local Ypsilanti venue (TBA). Anyone interested in race and economic issues in Washtenaw County is encouraged to attend and bring friends! More info to come.

EMUFT General News Brief:

*With support of AFT Michigan, as EMUFT moves toward upcoming contract bargaining for full-time and part-time contracts we will have a number of LEAD Organizing Fellows who willengage in a variety of activities such as one-to-one member organizing, planning and attending union member gatherings, participating in public actions, and helping to facilitate group decision-making, under the guidance of EMUFT and AFT leadership and staff. Look for the LEAD fellows around campus!

*We have a new full-time staff organizer, Tim Allen, who is already doing great things to help EMUFT become stronger and have a greater voice on campus. Please feel free to contact Tim to say hello, or come out to any of the scheduled events this fall.

*We recently, successfully settled grievances in Biology, Special Ed, and World Languages! Yay! But there are also more grievances still in process. The grievance team always needs extra help, from writing documents to simply sitting in at grievance meetings to show support. Please contact Tim Allen if you can be involved in helping us realize more successes in enforcing our bargaining agreements and continuously improving our working conditions.

*EMUFT has been working with the Faculty Development Center to run the new lecturer orientation and plan some events and activities for lecturers in the future. Stay tuned for more!

**There are so many ways that we all can be more involved with EMUFT. Please contact Tim Allen or stop by the office in 110 King to say hi (when he is there) and find out how you might become more involved. Our students’ learning space is our workplace… so in order to make EMU a great place for students and lecturers we have to work together and work stronger!

Please LIKE the EMUFT Facebook pages, and Twitter, and check the website for more updates, related posts, and general information on a more continuous basis:




Twitter [coming soon!]

To volunteer to help out with any event, or for more info, contact:

Tim Allen, EMUFT Staff Organizer

734-487-5448 or 313-633-4487


LEAD Fellows Call for Applications

EMUFT LEAD Organizing Fellows - Call for Applications:

EMU Federation of Teachers (AFT Local #9102) is announcing openings in our EMUFT LEAD Organizing Fellows Program. This ten week fellowship program is designed to develop fellows’ skills in organizing union members, as well as providing experience with developing and implementing union campaigns to achieve membership growth. Fellows will learn about the daily work of labor unions and will increase their own capacity to be active members and leaders in the labor community. Fellows may engage in a variety of activities, such as one-to-one member organizing, planning and attending union member gatherings, participating in public actions, and helping to facilitate group decision-making, under the guidance of EMUFT and AFT leadership and staff.

Fellows will work a minimum of 6-8 hours/week from mid-September through mid-November for approximately 70 total hours, plus training time, under the direction of EMUFT and AFT staff and leadership. Participation in some weekend and evening activities is required. The fellowship provides a stipend of $1000. Preference is given to current dues-paying members, but current and former EMU students as well as past EMUFT members will also be considered.

Strong candidates should possess excellent communication skills, an ability to initiate interactions with people from diverse backgrounds, and a willingness to engage in both one-on-one and small group conversations about the role of unions in our workplace. Candidates should also possess a willingness to be creative and flexible, and have an open mind to various approaches to organizing new union members. Past experience with union organizing, while helpful, is not required.

To apply, please send a letter of interest indicating your reasons for wanting to participate and your prior experience in union organizing (if any), as well as your resume or CV, to EMUFTorganizer@gmail.com by 5pm on Thursday, September 3, 2015.

Community Organizing - WeRoc

WeRoc (the Washtenaw Regional Organizing Coalition) is a coalition of community faith and labor organizations that is doing some exciting things to further social and economic justice in our region. WeROC is working to bring together membership-based community organizations to create a collective voice and impact public affairs and issues in Washtenaw county and across the state.

EMUFT has been a part of this growing movement to increase awareness and create change on a number of issues including:

Ban the (past conviction) Box on employment forms, a variety of local Education issues including promoting programs like Restorative justice instead of suspension, and working for economic dignity for working families.

You are invited to attend any WeRoc meetings to just listen in or participate in this dynamic community movement. We would love to have more EMUFT members involved in good work that WeRoc is doing in Washtenaw County.

WeRoc General meetings are help on the first Thursday of every month, 5:30-7:15pm at different locations. Watch the EMUFT Facebook page for up-to-date details (https://www.facebook.com/EMUFederationOfTeachers).

During August, September, and October Planning meetings for a large community event in November will take place on every 3rd Thursday at 6pm at different locations. Watch the EMUFT Facebook page for up-to-date details (https://www.facebook.com/EMUFederationOfTeachers).

You can also check and Like the We Roc Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/werocMI?fref=ts

EMUFT Elections March 13

Plan to come vote!  EMUFT Elections will be held on Friday, March 13,

from 10am - 7 pm in 203 Pray-Harrold.

The ballot information:

Do you approve the budget for the fiscal year 2015-2016 including a dues rate of 2.15%

Click here for the proposed budget

Officer Nominations:

President:  Lisa Laverty                

Vice President: (choose one) Matthew Cooper or Tom Wagner
Secretary: Jill Darling        

Treasurer: Anthony (Tony) Kurek

Grievance Officer: Laura Zimmerman

Click here to read statements from the candidates