EMU Federation of Teachers Local 9102


EMUFT is local 9102 of the American Federation of Teachers. We are over 100 full-time lecturers and library staff, over 600 part-time lecturers, and together we are half of the teaching faculty at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. EMUFT is a member-driven organization. As members of EMUFT we can improve the conditions for teaching at EMU and create better educational spaces for our students. The more who are involved, the more we can do to improve teaching and learning.

Temple University adjunct faculty vote to join the AFT

Adjunct faculty at Temple University have voted overwhelmingly to join the AFT's' faculty affiliate at the school, the Temple Association of University Professionals. This was a hard-won victory for adjunct educators, as Temple's administration ran an aggressive anti-union campaign.


WeRoc Public Community Meeting Sunday

The local faith, labor, and community organizations of WeROC (Washtenaw Regional Organizing Coalition) invite you to attend a special event Sunday, November 15, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, in Ypsilanti at Emmanuel Lutheran Church ELCA (210 N River St.) 

A broad range of people, united around the basic shared value that “we’re all in this together,” are working to make real changes that improve the lives of everyone in our area. Please come to participate in this effort.

With a commitment of less than 2 hours that day, hundreds of us will be able to signal by our actual presence that we expect our public officials and other decision-makers to take concrete actions on several meaningful issues that the WeROC Action Teams have been busy working on:

  • Reducing school suspensions and breaking the school-to prison pipeline.
  • Broadening the number of businesses in our area that offer employees earned sick time for themselves or to care for a family member, instead of losing a paycheck or their job.
  • Expanding public transit options, locally and between Washtenaw and Detroit.
  • Building on the very real public health consequences of our unacceptable level of incarceration, especially as communities of color have been affected.

AFT files amicus brief in 'Friedrichs' case

The AFT along with the American Association of University Professors, filed an amicus curiae brief in the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The case threatens to make it harder for working people to join together and speak out together.


EMUFT Wins Political Science Grievance

Congrats to PTLs in Political Science who have won their grievance about scheduling current lecturers for upcoming semesters instead of hiring new lecturers from outside the bargaining unit. You can read the arbitrator's decision here: Political Science Arbitration Decision

Ruling vindicates adjunct's right to speak out

The Illinois Educational Labor Board has ruled that an adjunct professor at Moraine Valley Community College was improperly fired for saying that her college treats adjuncts like "disposable resources," because the board says her comments were protected union activity.