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EMUFT Statement on Attempted Intimidation by EMU Administration During Bargaining

On Thursday, August 18, EMU administration assigned EMU police officers to be stationed in the area outside of the EMUFT (EMU Lecturers union) caucus room through much of the day, including during our weekly Membership Update Meeting. At various times, both plain-clothes officers and uniformed officers were present. While this is no fault of the individual officers (our union colleagues in the EMU police force were just doing what they were ordered to do), assigning security forces to surveil union meetings is a historical intimidation tactic used by management against unions, the likes of which we have never before experienced at EMU. 

We want all of our members, colleagues, community supporters, and EMU administrators to know that our bargaining team, our membership, our supporters, and our leadership will NOT be intimidated in this manner, and we will NOT tolerate these kinds of inappropriate tactics.  EMUFT leadership will be meeting with EMU President James Smith on Monday to discuss this and other matters.