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On Saturday 4/8 the bargaining team presented nine articles and TA'd three: Academic Freedom, Membership Dues, and Strikes and Lockouts. There were no changes to Academic Freedom. Membership Dues was updated to comply with Right to Work legislation. The original Strikes language stated that the union would not call a strike; the new language also stipulates that the university will not lockout lecturers. 


On Tuesday, April 4, we are bargaining from 5-8pm. The bargaining team is calling this "Respect Day" and we would like as many members to show up in support as possible. Come to 217 Halle anytime during 5-8pm.

We will be talking about professional development, Equal Employment Opportunity, Input and Communications (regarding how we are treated by departments), and strikes and lockouts. The administration has not shown us a great deal of respect in this process--they insist on treating us differently than they do other units on campus, won't acknowledge our legitimate complaints regarding grievance procedure, and have refused to bargain often enough to complete the contract negotiations on time. We can't simply expect respect; we have to demand it by showing strength and solidarity, which is why we're encouraging all members to come out and observe the Respect Day bargaining session.


On Thursday, March 23, the EMUFT bargaining team sat down with the university's team for four hours. We signed our first tentative agreement, on Article 13, Special Conferences. The university gave us their counterproposal for Article 14, Grievance Procedure, which rejected streamlined grievance procedure benefits both our members and the administration. This, despite agreeing to this language in the FTL contract and numerous problems with the current grievance procedure, especially around timeliness. After reminding the Administration of these outstanding issues the team passed back their original proposal.

We also presented our proposals for Articles 15 and 17, Appointments and Compensation, respectively. These are the first two parts of our three-part economic package, which also includes Benefits, which we will be presenting at our next bargaining session, on Saturday, April 1, from noon to 4pm.